Inspired by nature

Luxurious knitwear inspired by nature

I live in a medium-sized city and I really like living here. But I use every free moment to escape to nature. This is my second great passion. Nature.

What surrounds me, the beauty of nature, the sound of the wind, the grass under my feet, sunsets, clouds in the sky, vast meadows, the colors of leaves, morning mists, all this gives me ideas for new color designs in knitwear.

I'm a sensitive type. I notice a tiny leaf on the path and a flower in the grass. It's the beauty of nature, these little miracles, that I try to replicate in my designs.

Love of nature also means great respect for it. I create sustainable fashion. With care for the environment, made of natural fibers.

I value wool from alpaca, yak, merino sheep and cashmere goats. I love silk and mohair. In summer, linen, cotton and other plant fibers are unrivaled.

I do not use hair from angora rabbits (angora), because I know how cruelly it is obtained.

You can read a little more about me here.

Meadows, grasses, cereals, nature - inspiration for knitwear from ALA ORŁOWSKA