About me

ALA ORŁOWSKA designer and creator of luxurious knitwear

I made my first sweater when I was in the fifth grade of primary school. I remember it was striped, had "bat" sleeves, which were very fashionable at the time, and was terribly crooked, but I wore it with pride.

In high school, I designed knitwear, sweaters and coats myself. I played with texture and color. I think I went through all the stages, from simple stitches, through structural patterns, sewn-in patterns, to complicated, even lace-like openwork patterns.

Thanks to this, I know what I like most about this work. It is combining colors in simple stitches. Selecting them while working, often intuitively. That's why it's so difficult to repeat something, and often it's simply impossible. My inspiration? Nature.

I can use a dozen or so different yarns in a multi-colored cardigan. Different not only in color but also in composition, texture and thickness. Combining seemingly incompatible skeins gives me the most fun. This is my passion, work, way of life. If you want to give yourself something unique - please visit the showroom .

Fashion changes, but high-quality knitwear, worked stitch by stitch, will always be in good style.