Knitwear care

All sweaters, scarves, scarves and hats are blocked by me after they are made. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed that they will keep their shape and will not stretch after the first wash. Due to the natural fibers used, they require some attention from you to enjoy them for a long time:

1. Wash them only when necessary. Wool does not like frequent washing. However, they like airing and mohair, in addition, they like freezing (yes, yes, you can put your sweater in the freezer)

2. If washing, do it by hand. In lukewarm water, approx. 30 degrees C, with a small amount of wool liquid or natural hair shampoo.

  • It is recommended to soak the fabric and wash it by gentle kneading.
  • Then rinse thoroughly at a similar temperature.
  • We squeeze out excess water - we will never wring it out!
  • Place the damp fabric on a dry towel and shape it.
  • Place the dryer in a well-ventilated place.
  • This is how we leave our sweater to dry.

3. I advise against hanging sweaters on hangers. After a long time, they may become deformed and lose their shape. They feel best arranged on a shelf.

4. And once they are on this shelf, it is worth making sure that no moths appear. I recommend using soap bars - choose the scent you like. Lavender is also reliable - dry flowers placed in a linen bag.

5. The so-called pilling and pilling of wool are natural and may appear in sensitive places - most often the sides of the sweater and sleeves.
Wool balls should be removed by hand or with a special shaver. Knitted fabric with pile can be gently combed from time to time with a hairbrush or wool comb.

Take care, love, wear, air. There is a bit of good energy in knitwear made by hand, worked stitch by stitch. I invite you to check out the available projects in the showroom.

Mohair sweater macro close-up on how to care for knitwear